About the Artist    

Jeff Crandall received a BA in Creative Writing with an emphasis on poetry from the University of Washington in Seattle.  His poetry continues to be published in journals across the country, including Atlanta Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Bloom, and  North American Review.  His award-winning first book of poetry, The Grief Pool, is published by Firestorm Press. While working for Pilchuck Glass School, Jeff began combining poetry with glass.  His “Poet’s Bottles” and “Spheres of Influence” series have since been exhibited across North America and in Europe. His most recent solo show was at the Museum of Northwest Art in LaConner, WA.   He is is a founding editor and former Executive Director for Floating Bridge Press, a non-profit supporting poets and poetry. 


Here are links to some of my poems on the web:



Jugular Ghazal
Losing Oz
(YB - a Journal of New Poetry).
Third  Month Abroad
(A Prairie Home Companion)
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Eyeing the Butcher
I Am Your Winged Torso of Eros
(In Posse Review)
After the Papers are Filed
(Premium T blog - Tuesday Poem) 
y Poem)
Conversation with the Rose Man
(Beloit Poetry Journal)
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