11 glass-mounted paper collages using original text, as well as cuttings from old, abandoned books. Each collage displays one prominant word. The words spell out the original phrase: EVERY HEAVEN NEEDS A HELL, FOR WITHOUT ENVY PARADISE IS NOTHING. Collages take their theme from their word, expand upon it and adding to it. Thus each collage stands on its own as an artwork, while at the same time integrating into the group.


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Paper and mixed media on glass. 33H x 13W x .25D. 2006  Not for sale.

inversestudio008024.jpg inversestudio008023.jpg inversestudio008022.jpg inversestudio008021.jpg inversestudio008020.jpg inversestudio008019.jpg inversestudio008018.jpg inversestudio008017.jpg inversestudio008016.jpg inversestudio008015.jpg inversestudio008014.jpg inversestudio008002.gif