Wholesale Info for Poet's Bottles
InVerse Studio is happy to wholesale Poet's Bottles to your gallery or other business so that you may sell them for the suggested retail price of $95 each.  We limit our accounts to one per zipcode.  Your first order is shipped COD unless you would prefer to pre-pay.  A Net-30 account is automatically established after that.  Most orders ship in two weeks or less.  We have low minimums and over 40 satisfied galleries and stores across the country.
Please e-mail us for pricing and availability:  inversestudio@yahoo.com
We only create new consignment accounts for museum stores and other established civic cultural institutions.  After losing thousands of dollars of inventory over the years to evil store owners who closed up and left town, we will not waver on this policy, alas! 
We can put your logo on the back of any listed Poet's Bottle design, or work with you to create a new design featuring your logo on the front of a bottle.  Just call (206-353-9148) or e-mail (inversestudio@yahoo.com) for details and price quotes.  You must provide a high-definition reverse graphic (white image on a black background) TIFF file.  No lines in the graphic may be thinner than 1/16 inch for reverse graphics.
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